The collection entitled - La NARCISSE - is the celebration of a generational renaissance struggling to keep in the spirit of individualism through the ever-growing speedy nature of digital or avatar self representation in society.

The collection focusses on subjects that cross vanity, dress codes of the occult, kraft in quilting, witchcraft and online avatars.  

Manteau en fausse fourrure verte, combinaison en soie imprimée

" We are all some kind of magicians at the moment, we can create 

these perfect images of ourselves.

There are two sides of the mirror in all of our realities, it can be 

quite exciting but also really 


Pantalon fluide couleur corail, blouse croppée imprimée Narcisse
Combinaison fluide imprimée Appolonie Rouge, manteau sans manche matelassé imprimé Narcisse