The collection titled, La NARCISSE is the celebration of a generational renaissance struggling to keep in the spirit of individualism through the ever- growing speedy nature of self representation in society.
The collection focusses on subjects that cross vanity, dress codes of the occult, kraft in quilting, witchcraft and online avatars.
« we are all some kind of magicians at the moment, we can create these perfect images of ourselves. There are two sides to the mirror in all of our realities, it can be quite exciting but also really lonely. »
The collection opens with structured pieces almost constructed as protective layers, with oversized jackets and victorian sleeves with a nod to the image of the French female poets Aurore Dupin, George Sand or Simone de Beauvoir.
« I wanted to work with the idea of surfaces, mirrors and sheen to reflect the notion of glamour. The word has celtic origins in essence, meaning to blind or create through light and reflection, an opposing reality, almost pulling the wool over someones eyes »
La Narcisse celebrates the illustration of self contemplation throughout 18th and 19th century paintings, literature and the spirit of the writer and poet derivative in French history.